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Dive Booty F.A.Q.

Here are brief explanations for some of the questions that you may have about

  • How does work?
  • What if the price or information for diving equipment on change?
  • How do I search for diving equipment on
  • How can I contact you or one of the merchants at your site?
  • 'Popups' When I click on some links nothing happens!
  • Why didn't my search turn up any hits?
  • I don't like using cookies, do you use cookies?
  • Your faq doesn't help me with my question, what now?
  • How can I protect myself while making online purchases?

    How does work? is split into three different catagories to make things faster and simpler to get to. The first category is 'Equipment Reviews'. This category offers information on scuba equipment reviews, both consumer and professional. Here you can read a review on any dive gear type or enter a consumer review of your own to let other shoppers know about your experiences. The second category is 'Comparison Shopping'. Here you can compare prices of any Scuba Equipment by manufacturer and or model. Upon finding Scuba Gear with the best price, you can click on the corresponding retailer and purchase the dive Equipment through their site. The third category is 'Buy Scuba Gear Online'. This category takes you directly to a featured site.

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    What if the price displayed on is different than the merchants site?

    Usually the prices listed on the pages will be accurate. Sometimes there may be hiccups in the system as retailers add new scuba gear, change the prices of diving equipment or remove dive gear from the listings. Although this is a rare occurrence, it would be best to close your browser window, and then revisit, selecting the scuba equipment you want to purchase again. If the problem persists please contact us at Pricing Inaccuracy as soon as possible so that we can investigate the matter and fix the problem quickly. Note: will not be responsible for pricing inaccuracies. If a price Deviates between our site and one of our merchants, one must assume that the price has been changed between our bi-weekly price spidering. Whether the price moves up or down there is nothing we can do to raise or lower the current pricing on our merchants sites. Although we make every effort to ensure pricing accuracy no warrantee is made or implied.

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    How do I search for diving equipment on

    There are a couple of ways to search There is a treasure chest in the left hand column of the comparison shopping section that can be used to narrow your search for dive gear listed within

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    How can I contact you or one of the merchants on your site?

    The staff at can be reached by email at the following addresses: For information, for complaints , and for merchants queries - merchants. If you have suggestions for we want to hear it! email us at suggestions , otherwise the merchants site would be the best place to find contact information for them.

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    'Popups' When I click on some links nothing happens? uses popups to display some types of information such as detailed scuba gear information (no advertisements!!). If your using programs such as 'popup dummy' these popups may not be visible to you until you disable it. there is a known problem for some netscape users with the popup windows, for this we recommend downloading and installing internet explorer.

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    Why didn't my search turn up any hits?

    Your search criteria may have been too narrow or misspelled. Try using the simple search without a category, or just a category without specific search criteria.

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    I don't like using cookies, do you use cookies?

    We do use session cookies to allow your browser to keep it's place in our site. This functionality is necesary to for navigation. If your having problems with navigation, this is probably the cause. to check your browsers settings, click 'tools' in the toolbar in internet explorer 5.x, then select 'internet options' - select the security tab and then click on 'custom level'. scroll down to 'cookies' and select the enable radio button under per session cookies. For internet explorer 6.x, click 'tools', 'internet options', and select the 'privacy' tab. Scrolling down will reveal the 'session cookies' radio button. select it if it is not already. This should enable your browser to function well within our site. We will not be responsible for any problems that occur as a result of changing or modifying any settings in your browser. For more information on privacy, check out our privacy policy.

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    Your F.A.Q page hasn't helped me with my question, what now?

    Please contact us by Email, or drop us a note on our Contact Us page.

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    How can I protect myself while making online purchases?

    A lot of being a savvy online consumer is common sense, but if you are new to the web and online buying you may not know the facts. Here are things to look for, before you enter your credit card number.

    • Look for the secure transaction symbol on your screen before entering your credit card number. This will look like a padlock on the very bottom of your browser. Do not enter credit card information without seeing that symbol.
    • The use of virus protection software and a personal firewall can go a long way toward protecting your information online.
    • Use a credit card instead of a bank debit card. Credit cards generally have online credit protection.
    • When you make a purchase online, get some proof that you did. Right click on the page that shows what you ordered and your information, select print. Keep the print out and record the date and time on it. If you don't receive your ordered items, you will know when you made the purchase and the order number.
    • Try to determine if the company is genuine before ordering. Does it have brick and mortar stores? Does it have a good reputation? If you have never heard of the company, it does not necessarily mean not to order from them. But you should check them out a little further. You can contact The Better Business Bureau and The National Associations of Attorneys General online to investigate the company.

    Buying online is generally safe, cost efficient, and easy, but just as in the real world, you need to protect yourself. When you buy from a road side dealer, you are a little more careful about the value and whether you can get your money back on an item. Since, Internet stores can be put up by anyone very easily, you need to exercise the same caution.

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